Xpress Checker

Finding Retroactive Medicaid Eligibility

Many Self-Pay Accounts at the time of admission are NOT eligible for Medicaid. However, a good number of these accounts become eligible for their date of service long after discharge. These Medicaid-Eligible Self-Pay Accounts often remain UNDETECTED and WRITTEN-OFF as Bad Debt or Charity Care.

Even though an account is not eligible for Medicaid at admission, it can become Medicaid Eligible RETROACTIVELY at any time for a FULL YEAR from the date of service.

The only way to discover these retroactively-eligible accounts is to check ALL self-pay accounts INDIVIDUALLY for a FULL YEAR from the date of service. Checking ALL Self-Pay Accounts on a recurring basis can be very Labor Intensive and Costly.

The solution:

XpressChecker will…

  • Process your Entire Open-Account Database through our Proprietary HIPAA-Compliant Batch-Oriented Medicaid Eligibility Software
  • Provide reporting indicating all accounts that are Eligible.

Used on a monthly basis, XpressChecker can virtually eliminate the unnecessary write-off of Medicaid-Eligible self-pay accounts to bad debt or charity.

Flat Monthly Fees, based on the number of published beds, have proven to be much less expensive than fees based on percentage of findings or percentage of receipts.

The first No-Obligation Limited Trial Run is FREE!

We also provide a Custom-Developed Software System to help staff work these accounts at no additional cost.


The benefits to using XpressChecker are…

  • Turn Charity and Bad Debt into CASH!
  • Decrease Staff Workload and Expense
  • Known Fixed Monthly Cost are not tied to transaction counts nor to recoveries


  • We already have a service.
    • Most services charge a percentage based upon either what they find, what you file, or what you collect.
    • XpressChecker is a batch service that looks for Medicaid Eligible accounts at a fixed cost.
    • XpressChecker normally reduces the cost of finding these accounts.
  • Our staff looks for coverages.
    • Because Medicaid Eligibility can be retroactive, consistent periodic checks must be done on EVERY account.
    • XpressChecker reduces the Human Error factor and works WITH your staff helping them identify these eligible accounts.

Getting Started

  • Sign BAA
  • No-Obligation Limited Test Run
  • Sign Contact and begin Full Monthly Runs

Contact us to find out more. Let us prove to you this process works and will save you money.